Upcoming Exhibitions


Fiberart International 2022 

June 3rd - August 20th, 2022 

Brew House Association and Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 

윤지선 작가가 미국 펜실베니아에서 3년에 1번 열리는 Fiberart International 2022 에 참가합니다. 동 전시는 섬유 예술 분야의 트렌드와 혁신을 기록하는 벤치마크 전시로써 전 세계적으로 인정받고 있습니다. FI2022는 비영리 단체인 Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, INC.가 주관하며 동 단체는 섬유 예술의 발전과 지속을 위해 활발히 활동하고 있습니다. 동 전시는 1967년 첫해를 시작으로 2022년 24회째를 맞이합니다. 

전시는 2022년 6월 3일부터 8월 20일까지 미국 팬실베니아주 피츠버그에서 진행됩니다. 자세한 내용은 아래 홈페이지를 참고해주세요. 


We are thrilled to announce that Yoon Ji Seon is joining Fiberart International 2022. The exhibition is recognized around the world as a benchmark that documents trends and innovations in the field. The goal of the exhibition is to include innovative work rooted in traditional fiber materials, structure, processes and history, as well as art that explores unexpected relationships between fiber and other creative disciplines.

FI2022 is produced by FIBERARTS GUILD OF PITTSBURGH, INC., a non-profit, member supported organization that promotes the appreciation of fiber art and fosters its creative development and continuance. Since 1967, the Fiberarts Guild has sponsored juried exhibitions that bring innovative contemporary works of art in fiber from around the world to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. FI2022 will feature works by established and emerging artists and will be open to the public from June 3 to August 20, 2022. The Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh is pleased to present this twenty-fourth exhibition.